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MMD X Kirby O.C 1.0 Belly Dancer Gravi by LoreaMStudios MMD X Kirby O.C 1.0 Belly Dancer Gravi :iconloreamstudios:LoreaMStudios 15 3 TDA Arabian Cul {DOWNLOAD} by aileasunstar TDA Arabian Cul {DOWNLOAD} :iconaileasunstar:aileasunstar 196 26
Cpt. Falcon PAWNCHES into DeathBattle!!
Captain Falcon

Height: 6'
Weight: roughly 200 lbs.
Age: 37 (supposedly, at time of death)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown in the anime, Blue-Green in Smash... I dunno, does this even matter?
AKA: The Bounty Hunter, Douglas Jay Falcon, The F-Zero Racer
Origin: F-Zero
- Regularly defeats and captures criminals
- Easily destroys squadrons of large combat robots single-handedly
- Fought on even footing with Blood Falcon, who defeated Rick Wheeler
- Has honed his racing skills in the F-Zero tournament, becoming an illustrious competitor despite originally being a nobody
- His Meme version has unrivaled, god-like power
- Is the only character whom gained an in-canon attack from Smash Bros.: the Falcon Punch originated in the first Smash game before being used in the anime
- In Smash Bros., single-handedly took on both Chrom and Lucina, and was winning: Robin was needed to save them from defeat
- Down
:icontheperpetual:ThePerpetual 37 14
CLAIM: Skarpne VS Zone-Tan by MaxFunnies2550 CLAIM: Skarpne VS Zone-Tan :iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 4 16 Bendy and Boris by Z-T00N Bendy and Boris :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,685 0
Inkling Splats into DEATH BATTLE!!

First appearance: Splatoon (2015)
Age: 15 at the minimum
Height: about 1 yard
Weight: probably 60-80 lbs

"Splats" most Inklings and Octarians in under a second
Defeated several monsters that were dozens of times his/her size
Stopped the Octarian Invasion singlehandedly by defeating DJ Octavio
-Fended off rockets, killer wails, and giant fists during DJ Octavio's battle
-as in being the only one using weapons

Speed depends on the weight of the weapon he/she is holding
Attack, defense, and speed can be slightly increased with certain abilities with their clothing
Shooter Weapons:

Pistol-like weapons
Splattershot from Campaign has the ability to push back massive steel fists
Splats most inklings in 2-4 shots
Charger Weapons:
:iconherooftheemblem:HeroOfTheEmblem 18 19
[ MMD BaTIM ] Bendy ver. 1.0 by wishuponacrane [ MMD BaTIM ] Bendy ver. 1.0 :iconwishuponacrane:wishuponacrane 214 33 MMD- Bendy (DL) by OscartheChinchilla MMD- Bendy (DL) :iconoscarthechinchilla:OscartheChinchilla 42 6 Spyro and Crash by Panda-Paradise Spyro and Crash :iconpanda-paradise:Panda-Paradise 32 16
TDA Abandoned Place Inspired.rar
TDA Android @ Music Doll AR13.rar
TDA Android FantineAquane.rar
:iconfatinfantine:FatinFantine 14 6
[MMD] TMNT Out Of The Shadows 2016 Download by DeviantartEbarle16 [MMD] TMNT Out Of The Shadows 2016 Download :icondeviantartebarle16:DeviantartEbarle16 10 4
Abobo completely destroys Death Battle!

Height: 6 ft
Weight: 325 lbs
First Appearance: Double Dragon
-The first boss of Double Dragon
-A recurring character in the franchise
-Somehow got his own game called "Abobo's Big Adventure"
-In that game, pretty much destroyed the retro gaming library
-Killed a giant Kirby
-Killed a powered up Little Mac
-Mated with a mermaid
-Is the father of 3 MereAbobo's
-Fought and killed Jaws
-And a Laser Shooting Cyber Jaws
-Was trained by Doc Louis 

-Even before ABA (Abobo's Big Adventure) was one of the stronger enemies in Double Dragon
-Appeared via smashing through brick walls
-Can toss full grown men
-Beat the hell out of 8-Bit Donkey Kong
-Punted a baby gorilla like a football
-Could eat a child's head
    -Gains health from it
-Threw the child's body so hard it exploded
-Constantly punched people to death
-Can eat a tin can
:iconkingkoopa121:Kingkoopa121 12 2
AVGN Calls DEATH BATTLE a Piece of Shit!

Name: James Duncan Rolfe
Age: 35 years old
Height/Weight: N/A
Occupation: Gamer, Reviewer, Filmmaker
Aliases: The Nerd, AVGN, The Fucking Nerd

Survived playing the worst games known to exist
Battled Bugs Bunny and the Nostalgia Critic
-Bested Bugs, and only lasted against NC because MDC showed up
Beat Zelda 2 with the Power Glove
Survived encounters with many horror icons
-Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, etc.
--Killed Freddy, Jason, etc.
Went through and escaped Hell twice
Destroyed Nintendo World Championships
Defeated R.OB.
Traveled back in time through AVGN history
-To play crappy Megaman games
Ate his shorts
Interrupted a rap battle between Superman 64 and Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Met his past selves
Always survives the shittiest games
Knows the Hadoukon/Sonic Boom
Can breath in space

Destroyed Satan twice.
Killed Death Mwauthzyx twice
Rode a flaming shark with laser eyes through
:icontheuberchargedguy217:TheUberchargedGuy217 17 40
PewDiePie brofists DEATH BATTLE!
Name: Felix Kjellberg
Age: 26
Occupation: YouTube persona, gamer
Residence: Brighton, UK
Curses more than Ragna the Bloodedge and the Angry Video Game Nerd combined

-Has the most subscribers on YouTube, with over 40 million
-Has played through and beaten many video games
-Earned the heart of CutiePie Marzia, who honestly lives up to her name
-Went to college for four years
-Starred in his own video game
--Which is really freaking hard, by the way
-Defeated the Barrel King
-Built a medieval McDonald’s
-Killed some table’s father
-Was once a brave knight by the name of Sir PewDiePie
-Killed Doctor Crab’s family
-Killed RoboCop via lactation (somehow)
-Haphazardly succeeded in a brain transplant, using a tomahawk
-Broke through the coding of There Is No Game and turned it into a game
-Watched and survived Boku no Pico
-Self-proclaimed Level 12 “Meme Expert”

-Able to
:iconv-create:V-Create 29 29
The Nostalgia Critic reviews Death Battle!

Real Name: Douglas Darien Walker
Also Known As: Critic, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Sparky Sparky Boom Man, the Ava-Jerk
Species: Human
Age: 35
Height: 5'11"

Occupation: Internet Reviewer, Former Dictator of Kickassia, Former Ghost of Christmas Past

Has reviewed some of the worst movies of all time
-Some examples are The Room, Batman and Robin, and Foodfight
Has caused nuclear explosions through sheer anger alone
Ghostbusted Casper the Friendly Ghost

Murdered most of the cast of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Survived the Stephen King Drinking Game, which has been known to kill people

Took over the country of Molassia
Killed Dr. Insano and Santa Christ
Battled the Angry Video Game Nerd
-Only lost because the AVGN had help from Super Mecha Death Christ

Went on a quest to find Malachite's Hand
-Would have gotten it if someone
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 52 33
Abobo by SoullessApophis
Mature content
Abobo :iconsoullessapophis:SoullessApophis 1 3


SHOWOFF SHOWDOWN! Logo by rockeyrolley
Welcome to SHOWOFF SHOWDOWN! In this series the fighters are called showoffs, and this is the series where the showoffs showdown! Now let's meet the showoffs for tonight's showdown shall we?
Ninjini VS Shantae! SHOWOFF SHOWDOWN! Official by rockeyrolley
Tonight, we have an enchanting battle between 2 dazzling female Genies who will make you wanna rub your lamps! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
That's right, Ninjini VS Shantae! The battle that'll make your wishes come true!

Here is the Analysis on both characters!...

First Appearance: Shantae (2002)
Age: 15-16
Occupation: Guardian Genie, Dancer
Classification: Half-Genie
Affiliation: Scuttle Town
Likes: Dancing, Scuttle Town, Bath Houses, her friends, cookie dough ice cream, reading comics in bed, and fancy clothes/outfits 


- Foiled Risky Boots three times
- Has defeated many creatures/monsters far bigger and stronger than herself on her adventures (Including a dragon)
- Gave up on the chance to enjoy eternal peace in the Genie realm so she could be with/protect her friends
- Defeated her evil genie half "Nega Shantae" after being stripped of her genie magic
- Defeated the Ammo Baron and his personal army who were invading Scuttle Town

- Teamed up with Risky Boots to save all of Sequin Land the curse of "The Pirate Master"
- Managed to reclaim her lost genie magic 
- Helped reclaim Scuttle town from the Ammo Baron and his army and even helped restore the town via a wish

- Became one of the most powerful half-genies in the land
- Thwarted the Techno Baron's scheme of making counterfeit mermaids to sell as canned monster chow and freed the mermaid queen
- Helped the citizens of Scuttle town regain their memories after they got 
amnesia from their memories being stolen and fed to a giant worm
- Foiled the Ammo Baron from sabotaging an air race and defeated both him and his men
- Defeated the Hypno Baron and the "creature of unspeakable horror" (Who turned out to be Squid Baron) at the same time
- Saved both the human realm and the genie realm from being corrupted by Risky Boots
- Did those last five feats within THE SAME DAY
- Appeared in the game "Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge" as a guest character in which she helped Max fight off an invasion of mutant mud monsters (non-canon)
- Appeared in the game "Runbow" and raced through crazy colorful obstacles along side other indie characters such as Lilac (Freedom planet), Shovel Knight,
Juan (Guacamelee!) and more (Non-Canon)
- Will be joining Ajna on her journey in the game "Indivisible" alongside the likes of Shovel Knight, Juan (Guacamelee!) Annie (Skull Girls) and others (Coming Soon in 2018) (Non-Canon)
- Went on a quest with Bolo to fight monsters and find treasures across the land (Watch Quest! Heroes of Time)


Carry by DoctorMooDB
- Can jump high and leap long distances
- Can run, jump, and avoid many perilous obstacles while carrying the zombie girl "Rotty Tops" in her arms
- Strong enough to pull out/carry a heavy cannon
- Strong enough to ram through larger enemies with a shoulder charge
- Strong enough to break free of ropes tied around her arms with sheer strength
- Has a lot of striking strength with her pony tail (See "Hair" below)
- Can actually do more damage with her kicks (See "Special Moves" below)
- Is a strong and agile swimmer

Barrel by DoctorMooDB
Durability and Stamina:
- Can get back up after being attacks by monsters bigger and stronger than herself
- After defeating Risky's Tinker Tub in a fight, Shantae took an explosive cannon ball to the face
- While it did knock her out for awhile, she was uninjured when she woke up a short time later

- Can keep going after being hit with smaller explosives like grenades
- Didn't even flinch when a speeding metal barrel containing Bolo was rolled onto her head and smashed open upon impact
- Could take blows from the Pirate Master in his giant/strongest form who could fire giant cannon balls and swords more than twice the size of Shantae herself
- Can some how rapidly whip her hair with out getting whip-lash
- Could endure molten rocks hitting her in the air and still keep moving
- Unharmed by lava when running on top of it while wearing "Risky's Boots" (See "Pirate Gear" below)
- Can fight hordes of enemies in the "Battle Tower" one after another and not get tired
- Can fight off hordes of soldiers and monsters and not get tired

Dodge by Doctorworm1987

- Rather quick and acrobatic: Similar to that of a gymnast
- Agility appears to be super human
- Can dodge cannon balls, bullets (including automatic fire), missles, eye lasers from monsters, speeding arrows, and electric attacks
- Can out race the zombie girl "Rotty Tops" (Who's fast for a zombie) in a foot race
- Can time cannon balls to knock them back with her hair in mid-air
- Can attack with her hair 6 to 7 times in 1 second


NewHairWhip by DoctorMooDB
Hair Whip:
- Shantae's main method of attack
- Whips targets with her hair 
- Hair can extend slightly to hit enemies a few feet away and hit several enemies in a row with just one flick
- Can be used to rapidly strike enemies to do continuous damage
- Can also hit smaller/shorter enemies while crouching
- "Hair Whip" isn't tied to her magic, since she is still able to use it even if her magic is removed
- Might have been inherited from her human father
- Uses special shampoo's and creams increase her hair's power and striking speed
- Can rapidly whip with her her 6 to 7 times in one second (and yet some how still not get whip lash)
- Can some how hurt full fledged genies and ghosts with strikes from her hair
- Can scatter the particles of genies/ghosts after beating them, and it will take a LONG time for them to reform

Hair Strength:
- Can send enemies flying back with a single strike
- Can hit monsters hard enough to make them explode into pieces/bones after enough strikes
- Can smash pottery, stone blocks, and large metal locks to pieces
- Can hit large crates and heavy stone blocks hard enough to move them short distances with each strike
- Can break through metal bars and large metal pods after several strikes
- Can break through enemies covered in metal/knight armor and monsters with thick shells with enough strikes
- Can hit robotic enemies with enough force to make them explode
- Can smack a cannon ball hard enough for it to go flying and damage a tank
- Can hit projectiles in mid-air and deflect them back at the opponent (Such as cannon balls being launched her way)
- Can destroy a large power generator for on an air ship with her hair strikes

Genie Powers:
- Being a half genie, Shantae can make use of genie magic
- Is able to channel it/activate it via dancing (see "Dances/Animal forms" below)
- Also allows her to make use of magic and magic items (See "Magic/Magic Meter" and "Magic Items" below)
- Powers are comprised of "Light" based magic, making her effective of against dark magic/dark elemental enemies
- Seems to be able to absorb light magic, which could increase her own powers further
- This allows her to also combat evil spirits/entities
- Though if she's over powered by dark magic, she can become corrupt/evil
- Can also grant the wishes of others, but has only done so once (and only did so to restore Scuttle Town to normal)
- Extent of wishing powers is unknown and possibly circumstantial 
Other Magic:
- Also uses a separate kind of magic for certain items (See "Magic/Magic Meter" and "Magic Items" below)
- Her hair whips are also magic in nature
- Hair and magic items/magic meter uses might have been inherited from her father

Magic/Magic Meter:
- Fuels Shantae's magic items (See "Magic Items" below) and can also be used for several different dances
- Once completely depleted, Magic items (and certain dances) cannot be used
- Though her magic Meter is plentiful/lasts awhile, allowing a variety of items and abilities
- Even if the magic needed for these is drained, Shantae can still use dancing spells and transformations
- Normally needs magic vials to restore her "Magic" or use green crystals she occasional finds
- However, after getting "Magic Fill" (See "Equipable Items" below) her magic recovers automatically (but slowly)
- The "Magic Bracelet" halves the amount of magic needed to use magic items so magic doesn't deplete as fast
The optional/hidden item "Magical Tiara" renders Shantae's magic meter limitless (See "Misc items" below)
- Does not deplete/get used up when Shantae uses animal transformations (See "Dances and other forms" below)

Fight by Doctorworm1987 PowerKick by Doctorworm1987
Fighting Ability/Special moves:
- Has been trained in combat by her friend Bolo (Or rather, used Bolo as a punching bag)
- Has learned several fighting moves to use during battle during her trained with him
- Also knows how to handle a sword which was most likely taught to her by Bolo as well (Bolo is also a swordsman) 

- Can perform a "Back Dash" to quickly propel herself back a few feet to evade enemy attacks
- Can use "Recover" which allows her to black flip after she's been knocked down, allowing her to recover quickly and get back on her feet
- Can use "Power Kick" a round house kick that's actually stronger (but slower) than her hair whip
- Can perform several fighting moves thanks to "Fighter's Gear" 
Fighter's Gear/Attacks:
Boots: Yellow shoes that allow Shantae to do a somersault kick to hit enemies above her
Sash: A yellow sash that allows Shantae to jump and perform a diagonal spin kick while coming down
Cuffs: Yellow arm cuffs that allow Shantae to charge up to perform the "Elbow Dash" which allows her to charge through enemies with her shoulder extended that knocks away enemies (Though she is left stationary/vulnerable while charging)
Tiara: A golden tiara that allows Shantae to follow up the "Elbow Dash" with a jumping twirl, allowing Shantae to hit enemies with her hair while spinning and leaping a great distance as well


Sneaking01 by Doctorworm1987

- Is a professional belly dancer and often dances in front of an audience
- Knows many kinds of dance moves that make use of genie magic (See "Dances and Genie Magic" above)
- Knows how to navigate/find her way around dungeons, ancient temples, forests, and all kinds of large booby trapped maze-like areas
- Is also good at sneaking around, staying in the shadows, and keeping out of sight if she has to
- Was able to use her wits to sneak around and e
scape from the "Tan Line Temple" with out any magic or weapons to aid her
- Is experienced with fighting all kinds of enemies be them monsters, robots, pirates, ect
- Some times displays light fourth wall awareness


Personality by Doctorworm1987
- Has a strong sense of justice that drives her to help people in need
- Will some times try to persuade her enemies to the side of good and go as far as to save their lives

- Loves her friends to the point where she chose to stay with them opposed to go to the Genie Realm
- Gets aggressive when annoyed and acts tomboyish and snarky
While somewhat shy and naive, she still loves to go up on stage and put on a show
- Some times believes that being only half genie isn't good enough
- Considers herself a bad role model due to her temper and fashion sense

- Nibbles on things (Such as library cards) when she gets nervous

Dances and Other Forms:

ShantaeMagic by Doctorworm1987
- Shantae can change into different animals or use other special abilities via dancing (See "Genie Magic" above)
- Can perform dances that allow her to turn into different animal based forms (see below)
- Once in animal form, she can easily turn back to human form at any time
- Can also instantly change back into a human if she falls in water (Unless she's in her crab or mermaid forms)
- Can use some these dances to heal herself or warp to familiar areas (See below)
- However, Shantae remains stationary/vulnerable while dancing
- Though she CAN defend herself while dancing by deploying a bubble or orbiting weapons (See "Magic Items" above)
- If attacked before she can finish her dance, she won't be able to use it's effect
- Though most of the dances are quick and only require seconds to perform (And "Metronome" make them take a mere second or two)
- All transformation dances/other forms do not make use of/drain the magic meter (See Magic/Magic Meter above)

Monkey Dance/Monkey Form:
- Monkey dance allows her to turn into her small monkey form
- Monkey form is small, light, and quick: Faster than Shantae's base form and can jump higher too
Monkey form can climb up walls and wall jump
- Can be used to get through small/narrow passages
- Monkey form can attack by scratching with small claws
- Can use the "Monkey Bullet" to spring off a wall at great speed in a straight line
- Can use "Monkey Bullet" to jump to other walls and as an attack

Elephant Dance/Elephant Form:
- Elephant Dance allows Shantae to become an elephant
- Elephant form is large, slow, and can barely jump
- Allows Shantae to destroy things too tough for her to destroy in base form
- Also allows Shantae to move things too heavy for her to move herself in base form
- Can smash boulders twice her size, stone walls, and stone creatures to pieces with a powerful charge
- Can even break through large metal crates
- Charge attack can also allow her to clear small gaps and go airborne for a short distance
- Can jump into the air and come down to perform the attack "the elephant stomp" which can crush stone beneath her
- Crushes enemies underneath and delivers a small shock wave to the ground upon landing
- Can push through heavy sand storms/winds that would normally push Shantae backwards

Spider Dance/Spider Form:
- Spider Dance allows Shantae to become a Spider (and later an "Arachne") 
- Like the monkey, can climb up walls (and actually does so a little better than the monkey)
- Can use it's webbing as a tether/grappling hook to latch onto ceilings and reel itself onto them
- Can then crawl on ceilings
- Can attack by shooting out a spray of acidic venom
- Venom hurts/damages those who touch it

Harpy Dance/Harpy Form:
- Harpy dance allows Shantae to become a Harpy
- Harpy is capable of flight 
- Was able to fly out of a volcano while it was in the middle of erupting (Meaning she can fly at least 40 mph)
- Can attack with her claws/talons (and can even damage metallic/robotic enemies)
- Can run rather quickly on foot
- Harpy form cannot crouch down or crawl
- Can rapidly shoot feather projectiles that can smash open vases and hurt enemies (Though they're very weak)

Mermaid Form/Mermaid Dance:
- Mermaid dance allows for Shantae to become a mermaid
- Mermaid form is great at swimming and can get around under water fairly quick
- Can fire bubble projectiles straight ahead that destroy rocks or large spiked metal orbs that block her path
- Can swim up water falls very quickly thanks to the "Water Fall Relic"
- Mermaid form is useless on land: Can only hop/crawl around on her fin
- Can some times charm certain sea creatures (Such as star fish) into assisting/helping her

Crab Dance/Crab form:
- Crab Dance allows Shantae to turn into a crab
- Crab form can quickly scuttle around under water
- Can also sink very quickly to get under water faster
- Can hide inside of her shell, making her invulnerable to almost every kind of attack
- Can even resist electricity by hiding in her shell
- Can use her claws like hedge clippers to easily snip through plants blocking her way
- Is scuttle up water falls very quickly thanks to the "Water Fall Relic"

Bat Form by DoctorMooDB
Bat Dance/Bat Form:
- Bat Dance allows Shantae to turn into a bat
- While it can fly, it can't get very high off the ground
- Can only fly in straight lines
- Can see in the dark by using sonar
- Has no method of attacking enemies

Mouse Dance/Mouse Form:
- Shantae's smallest form which allows her to enter tiny spaces her other forms can't fit through
- Is more or less the size of an actual mouse
- Can also bite enemies (Though it doesn't do much damage)

Gemjug Dance/Gem Jug form:
- Allows Shantae to turn into a large magical clay jug
- Can shake to expel gems/currency at the cost of magic 
- Does so at a rather slow rate
- Useless during battle and can really only be used to make a little extra money on the side

Dryad Dance/Dryad Form:
- Shantae becomes a stationary tree woman
- By shaking, Shantae can create oranges (at the cost of magic)
- Said oranges can be gathered and used to heal Shantae when consumed
- Though they only restore a very small portion of health
- Oddly enough can be used to blend in: Some times enemies will walk past Shantae and not attack her when she's in this form

Blob Fish Dance: 
- Turns into a small happy blob fish wearing a propeller beanie
- Just kind of... hops around...
- Does so happily at that
- Um... can smash open pots to find items while hopping?
- Can also kind of damage enemies by hopping on them?
- Can't be used in water despite being a fish for some reason...

Tinkerbat Dance/Tinkerbat form:
- Tinkerbat Dance allows Shantae to become a Tinkerbat
- Can use a battering ram to break through walls with the same strength as Elephant Shantae
- Can attack with a cutlass in a wide arc, that attacks enemies above and below
- Can climb up walls better than the monkey and spider forms and perform wall jumps
- Despite the shorter size, Tinkerbat is still not small enough at cannot crawl through narrow spaces

Other Dances:

WarpDance by Doctorworm1987
Warp Dances:
- Does these dances allows Shantae to warp to certain locations she's been to before
- Different dances make her wind up in different places
- Takes awhile to do and is used for travel opposed to combat
- In Half Genie Hero, the warp dance is quicker and can be used to teleport to the next area in a stage to bypass entire areas
- However, it only works if it's a place she's been to before
- Can be used to teleport into the next area in a stage to bypass entire areas 
- In half genie hero, the dance is much quicker to do

HealingDance by Doctorworm1987
Healing Dance:
- After performing the full three-part dance, Shantae will slightly heal
- The more damaged she is, the more times she needs to do this dance
- Every time she uses it, it costs her 10 gems
- With out gems, it doesn't work
- Shantae can carry up to 999 gems
- However, it can easily be cut off by an enemy attack

Revive Dance:
- A quick dance that can be used to heal her from damage in exchange for magic
- Creates the image of a pink heart around her when it's performed
Super Revive Dance:
- A more powerful version of the Revive Dance 
- A quick dance that can be used to heal her from ALL damage and completely heal/restore her in exchange for larger chunk of magic (About 50%, but it can be halved to 25% if she has "Magic Bracelet" equipped) 
- Both dances heal her on the spot

- A quick dance that creates a powerful blast of invisible magic that hits all enemies on screen
- Enemies who get hit explode into music notes and sparkles
- Also deals a ton of damage and tends to one-shot all lesser enemies on screen
- Though enemies with high HP/durability can survive it (though still take some damage)
- Does so at the cost of a large chunk of magic (Takes about 90% of her magic, but with the "Magic Bracelet" equipped it only takes 45% instead)


Pirate Gear:

- Can use several weapons/items that originally belonged to Risky boots
- Consists of the Pirate's Scimitar, Flintlock Pistol, Pirate Hat, Risky's Boots, and Cannon
- Can come in handy if her powers are removed or if she runs out of magic items
- Pirate Gear doesn't run out of ammo and has unlimited uses

Pirate's Scimitar:
- Can be used to deliver quick slashes at the opponent
- Can be thrown and return to her like a boomerang
- Has a powerful downward thrust that can reduce stone blocks to pieces and split open metal armor
- Can hop on the top of the blade to bounce over obstacles (Such as spikes) like a pogo stick when using the downward thrust

Flintlock Pistol:
- Can fire at targets from a distance
- Can fire pellets rapidly one after another
- Doesn't run out of ammunition
- shots bludgeon opposed to pierce
- Can also be used to hit far away switches
- Ammunition/pellets are very weak over all (Even when fully upgraded)
- While it can one shot smaller/weaker enemies, it barely effects larger/stronger enemies

Pirate Hat:
- Can be used to glide
- Can ascend higher when caught in winds

Risky's Boots:
- Grant her the ability to run at super speeds and charge through enemies
- Can run with her scimitar pointed forward, skewering enemies in front of her and busting down large stone blocks one after another
- Improves her jumping ability and allows her to long jump with a good running start
- Allows her to run on hazards that would normally harm/kill her such as lava and spikes
- Also becomes fast enough to run on water
- Possibly runs on lava fast enough so she doesn't catch on fire, get burnt, or feel any pain


- Is bigger than Shantae herself but some she pulls it out of nowhere
- Can seemingly only be fired while in mid air
- Usually fires cannon balls downward while above an enemy
- Every shot propels her upward, allowing her to get to higher places
- Can only be fired three times per jump

Magic Lamp:
- Borrowed from Risky Boots during the events of "Pirate's Curse"
- Can capture/enslave 1 genie at a time
- Can rip the genie half of "half genies" and turn it into a full genie for her to control
- Was used to control Nega-Shantae at some point
- Can also suck up dark magic, fragrant aroma's, and loose gems
- Can turn all the dark magic it has stored up into light magic that Shantae can absorb to boost her own power
- However, it could potentially be used against her to remove her genie half/genie powers
- No longer in her possession after the events of "Pirate's curse" 

Magic Items:

- Items that use up their own separate magic
- The more powerful the item, the more magic it uses up
- Even if Shantae's genie powers are removed, she can still use magic/magic items
- Magic items can hurt both ghosts and actual genies
- Can only use one magic item at a time and needs to switch between them for use

Fire Balls:
- Has three variations:
Fire Ball: A damaging dealing projectile (Uses up just a little bit of magic)
Spit Fire: Fires three fire balls at once that spread (Uses up a little more magic)
Flame Thrower: A large stream of flames that can damage a small group of enemies (Uses up a lot of magic)

Pike Balls:
- Iron weapons that orbit around Shantae, circling around her and damaging enemies that get too close
- Protect her while also damaging enemies that get too close
- Has 3 variations/types:
Pike Ball: A single spiked metal ball that circles Shantae
Super Pike Ball: Summons three spiked metal balls to circle her

Scimitar: Summons five scimitars that orbit around her at a fast rate, cutting/slicing anything that gets too close

- While any of these barriers are deployed, Shantae's magic slowly drains over time
- The more powerful the variation (Pikeball being the weakest and Scimitar being the strongest) the faster magic will drain

Puff clouds:
- Has 3 variations that have changed between games:
Risky's Revenge:

Storm Puff: A storm cloud that homes in on near by enemies and damages them with a lightening bolt (Uses up just a little bit of magic)
Crush Puff: A storm cloud that acts as a bomb which goes off with an explosion 
(Uses up a little more magic)
Mega Puff: A storm cloud that acts as a bomb that goes off in a much larger explosion with more range 
(Uses up a lot of magic)
- Shantae can bat the storm clouds with her hair to make it get closer to her enemy
Half Genie Hero:
Storm Puff: Summons a storm cloud above her enemy that shoots a lightning bolt on top of them  (Uses up just a little bit of magic)
Crush Puff: Can summon several surges of lightning to act as "Air Mines" which float around for awhile before they electrocute enemies who get too close 
(Uses up a little more magic)
Mega Puff: Summons a powerful blast of electricity that she can control the direction of while she floats in the air 
(Uses up a lot of magic)

- Has 3 variations:
Bubble: A blue force field that protects Shantae from projectiles (Such as arrows, energy blasts, bullets, or mermaid bubbles which are strong enough to blow up large stones under water) but it doesn't protect from melee/close range attacks

Mirror: A yellow force field actually deflects/rebounds projectiles right back at enemies but still doesn't protect from melee/close range attacks
Invincibility: A red force field with pink aura that gives complete invulnerability projectiles and close range attacks
- While any of these barriers are deployed, Shantae's magic slowly drains over time
- The more powerful the barrier (Bubble being the weakest and Invincibility being the strongest) the faster magic will drain
- Barriers can project Shantae while she's dancing (But will disappear once she transforms, heals herself, or uses "Obliterate") 
- Despite protecting her from enemies, NONE OF THEM protect her from stage hazards like spikes, lava, or pit falls


Dancer Outfit:
- Allows Shantae to consume half the magic normally needed to use magic items
- Her magic will deplete at a much slower rate allowing for more magic item uses
- However, all damage received is doubled

Consumable Items:

- Restores all HP when consumed, healing her completely

Auto Potion:
- Automatically restores all of Shantae's health in the event she's knocked out/defeated
- Can even bring her back once after death
- Though Resurrection isn't allowed in Death Battle, so it might be against the rules

Monster Milk:
- Upon being consumed, Shantae's attack power lightly increases
- Effects are only temporary 

Super Monster Milk:
- Upon being consumed, Shantae's attack power greatly increases
- Effects are only temporary

Magic Vial:
- Upon being consumed, refills Shantae's magic meter

Float Muffin:
- Protects Shantae from falling into pits by bouncing her back up to safety
- Effects are only temporary

Vanish Cream:
- Allows Shantae to temporarily walk through walls and pass through enemies
- Cannot attack while being used

Twin Mints:
- Doubles Shantae's attack power
- Also creates an illusion that there's two of her
- Both Shantae and her "clone" move and attack in unison
- Effects are only temporary

Equipable Items:

Fighters Gear/Attacks:
- A pair of yellow shoes (Boots), A yellow sash, golden cuffs, and a tiara that allow Shantae to do special fighting moves
 (See "Special Moves" above)

Magic Fill:
- Allows to automatically recover magic
- However, does so at a very slow rate
- Takes effect automatically as long as Shantae has it in her inventory

- Allows Shantae to dance twice as fast
- Meaning she can complete her dances in half the time it would normally take

Bikini Armor:
- Double's Shantae's defense/durability with most attacks now doing only half damage

Magic Bracelet:
- Halves the amount of magic Shantae uses up when using Magic items (See above)
- Also halves the amount of magic Shantae uses up when using her revive/super revive dances "obliterate" (See above)
- Allows her magic to last much longer

Magical Tiara:
- A hidden/optional item in the game "Half Genie Hero"
- While wearing it, Shantae's magic meter never decreases, making it unlimited
- This means Shantae's magic items, revive/super revive dance, and obliterate dance can be used with out draining any magic at all
- However it also breaks the game and makes it much too easy


Nega Shantae(?):
- If Shantae becomes corrupted by dark magic, she'll gain an appearance similar to that of Nega Shantae (Her evil genie half)
- Acts sadistic, violent, and blood thirsty: Is willing to kill even her closest friends
- Seems to get a slight boost in power (Though the potential of this form is unknown)
- Shantae can't be snapped out of it unless her friends get through to her/remind her who she is so she can fight it off
- Though even then Shantae can stay in this form for hours, especially if left unchecked

Non-Canon Abilities/Weapons:

ShantaeJampu by DoctorMooDB
Runbow Abilities (Non-Canon):
- Can jump on enemy heads to damage them
- Can perform a somersaulting double jump for additional height 
- Can do a dash/charge upward in mid-air for even more height or dart straight ahead to reach platforms
- Can use the same dash/charge on the ground to hit/knock away enemies in her path
- Can use the same dash/charge to bust down walls 
- Can make use of her fists and punch enemies up close to send them stumbling back

Water Gun and Jetpack (Non-canon):
- Used during the events of Mutant Mudds
- Both items have unlimited use/ammunition
- Water gun an shoot water balloons that explode with special water upon contact with enemies and kill them with several shots
- Water is powered by "Water Sprites" allowing them to erase dirt and Mud
- Water gun can be upgraded to a "Bazooka"
- Bazooka is more powerful, but has limited ammunition
- More effective against mud/dirt/earth monsters (and likely fire as well)
- Jetpack allows Shantae to hover over obstacles for several seconds before descending
- At full power, Jet Pack's hovering abilities increase to clear larger gaps
- Can also "Rocket Jump" to gain better height and get to higher areas


- Her pony tail can be cut off just like regular hair, rending her unable to use it (Be it with scissors, a jigsaw, or a goat chewing on it)
- While dancing (or charging her elbow charge), Shantae is left stationary and wide open to enemy attacks, meaning the effects of her dances can be interrupted/stopped (Unless she has a barrier deployed already)
- Some dances take much longer than others (
Completely healing herself with the healing dance can take awhile)
- Can't use items while in any of her transformed/animal forms (Sans the weapons she gains as a Tinkerbat)
- Some of her transformations aren't suited for combat and leave her more vulnerable
- Spamming too many magic items or relying just on their most powerful variations drains her magic quickly
Her Genie powers can be removed from her/turned against her with an empty magic genie lamp, making her unable to use any of her dances period (Though her hair strength and magic/magic items remain)
- Pistol ammo and harpy feathers are weak projectiles
- Can be corrupt by a large abundance of dark magic (Though it would take A LOT of Dark Magic to do so)

"Gonna have to hair 'em till it hurts!"

Image result for ninjini
First appearance: Skylanders Giants (2012)
Age: Over 10,000 years old
Occupation: Skylander, 1 of the 8 Giants of Skylands
Classification: Elven Genie
Affiliation: Skylands
Likes: Magic, Spells, Swords, Fighting, Wisdom, Wish Granting, Victory, Skylands, Her fellow Skylanders, and Magical Fancy Hats

Cue the music!

“Any Last Wishes?”  —Ninjini's official catchphrase

Ninjini is a ninja genie, and one of the eight Giants in Skylanders: Giants. She has an alter ego called Scarlet Ninjini.



An eternal optimist, Ninjini spins into battle, convinced she will always succeed come what may.[1]


Ninjini was the most renowned magical ninja from ancient times, long before the Arkeyans rose to power. But a dark sorceress, who was jealous of Ninjini's skill as a warrior, trapped her within an enchanted bottle to be imprisoned for all of eternity. Time stretched on, yet Ninjini remained steadfast and determined to escape - even mastering the dual sword technique within the solitude of her bottle. Over the years, her strength continued to grow until alas, through sheer force of will, she broke free! From that moment on, Ninjini made it her mission to help those in need as one of the first Skylanders, always carrying that enchanted bottle as a reminder of her own resilience.



Spyro, Ninjini and Stink Bomb battling a group of Drows.

As a ninja with command over the Magic Element, Ninjini was a real force to be reckoned with back before the Arkeyans came along. Her skills, power and snazzy hairstyle drove an evil sorceress mad with jealousy, and using dark magic the sorceress trapped Ninjini inside an enchanted bottle. There she remained for years and years, but she didn't waste a single moment. Instead, she spent her time getting more awesome by the day, developing her Magic abilities and learning how to skillfully wield double swords. Eventually she became too powerful to contain, and managed to squeeze her way free of her enchanted prison. She swore then to use her Magic, ninja skill and massive size to protect Skylands from those would do it harm.[2]

The Kaos Trap

Ninjini was helping Spyro and Stink Bomb battle against a raid of Drow in an unknown area of Skylands. When Hugo called upon them to assist Stealth Elf, Pop Fizz and Wash Buckler on a Level 13 threat, Spyro's team was unable to help out as they were tied up with their current situation.

Battle Cries

  • "Any Last Wishes?"
  • "You wish you could beat me!"
  • "I have granted you defeat!"
  • "My blade served me well!"
  • "I foresaw this outcome!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Sweet success!"
  • "How lovely!"
  • "Viola!"
  • "Surprise!"
  • "My path lies ahead."
  • "Make way!"
  • "Reveal your secrets!" - when jumping through a cracked floor.
  • "This place is strong with magic." - when in Elemental Zone
  • "Ah riches." - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Such strength!" - on stats screen
  • "Impressive powers!"
  • "Wonderful!" - when putting on a hat
  • "Splendid!"
  • "I couldn't wish for a better name!" - when given a nickname
  • "You granted me a fantastic name."


Ninjini is a powerful Giant who can summon her ninja swords out of thin air to fight in close combat, she can create magical orbs to attack from afar, and hide inside her bottle for faster movement, more endurance and homing attacks such as magical rockets and enchanted mist which entrances enemies.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, hiding inside her bottle gives many bonuses to her spells, though she will break free to attack. Her Special Ability is the Genie's Hideout itself, and her signature Gear is the Star Shell Stopper, magical bombs that only activate when she is in the bottle. Ninjini's seventh ability, yet to be added in the game, is Blast Wish, which attacks an enemy and puts her back into the bottle without the need of the ability.
Image result for ninjini card

Ninjini Feat Of Strength! by rockeyrolley
-Being a Giant, Ninjini possesses incredible strength, and can do heavy duty things that ordinary Skylanders cannot
-Can defeat small enemies just by walking into them
-Can casually lift and throw large boulders and heavy duty artillery bombs
-Can smash through thick stone walls with ease
-Can break through solid ground to reveal secret underground passage ways just by jumping a short distance 
-Strong enough to lift and pull Pirate Ships and whole entire Islands towards her
-Can swing her Wishblades fast and hard enough to slice through the tough metal bodies of colossal Arkeyan Robot Warriors

Ninjini gets lasered by rockeyrolley
-Can survive being struck by enemies that wield very powerful and deadly weapons including giant razor sharp blades, guns, bombs, missiles, fire balls, molten lava, poisons, laser beams, magic attacks, etc.
survive falls from great and unimaginable heights and recover from them almost instantly! 
-Can Survive being pummeled and or crushed by gigantic powerful Arkeyan Robot Warriors who are much bigger than the Giants
-Can even survive massively powerful and devastating attacks from Godlike beings such as the Darkness, Traptanium Kaos, and Super Kaos!

Powers and Abilities

Image result for ninjini card

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 410 (max. 820)
  • Speed: 60 (max. 108)
  • Armor: 48 (max. 78)
  • Critical Hit: 80 (max. 130)
  • Elemental Power: 32 (max. 82)

Basic Abilities
Being a Giant, Ninjini can run over small enemies and debris.


Primary Ability

Press the Attack 1 button to swing dual swords for hacking and slashing enemies. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 1 for a special combo.

Bottle Blast
Secondary Ability

Press Attack 2 to hide inside the bottle. Press Attack 2 again to blast out in a magical explosion

Basic Upgrades

Surrealistic Spheres 
Hold Attack 3 to summon magical orbs and cast them towards enemies.

Wishblades do increased damage.

Juggling Act
Hold Attack 3 to summon four magical orbs and damage multiple enemies.

Bottle Rockets
While inside the bottle, press Attack 1 to launch rockets.

Ancient Djinn Magic
Harness ancient Djinn magic to improve Ninjini's bottle and Surrealistic Sphere attacks.

Super Surrealistic Spheres
Magical orbs do more damage and affect a greater area.

Ultimate Bottle Rockets
Bottle rockets launch faster, do more damage, and affect a greater area.

Buy a Better Bottle
Bottle is stronger and moves faster.

Swords Of Might 
Empowers Ninjini's swords to wreak of destruction upon her foes!

Wishblade Combos
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 2 for Fling Blade.
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 3 for Enchanted Blade.

Hold Attack 1 button to charge up the swords into an explosive blast.

Ultimate Wishblade
Wishblades do maximum damage.

Dazzling Enchantment
Soul Gem Ability
While inside the bottle, hold down Attack 3 to put enemies into a trance.

-Has helped the Skylanders defeat Kaos several times
-Is the only female member of the Giants
-Was one if the 8 Giants who took down the entire Arkeyan Robot Empire
-Was one of the 2 Giants who defeated the Arkeyan Robot King by severing his arm and separated him from the source of his power, the Iron Fist Of Arkus, and ultimately brought the reign of the Arkeyan Robot Empire to an end!... Tree Rex was the the other one of the 2 who did so...

-Has faced many powerful and dangerous threats and foes such as Kaos, Kaos' Mom, the Arkeyan Robot Empire, the Titans, the Doom Raiders, the Darkness, etc. Some of the foes she has faced are like the size of Godzilla, and even possess Godlike power!

Ninjini needs to rest by rockeyrolley

-Like every other Skylander, if Ninjini takes too much damage, she will become tired and need to rest (according to the game's logic), or she will basically be defeated.
-Giants like Ninjini may be strong, but sadly the Giants are the Slowest of the Skylanders, making it more difficult for them to quickly maneuver or dodge attacks
-Can be harmed by very specific and or special types of magic
-Could possibly be exposed/vulnerable while charging up her magical Orbs for a "Juggling Act", even though it doesn't really take long to charge
-If her Genie Bottle gets destroyed Ninjini can no longer hide inside it, nor use Bottle Rockets. However her bottle is very strong and durable, and it's gonna take a lot of power and force to do so!

Ninjini: - "Any Last Wishes?"

I wanna give an extra special thanks to DoctorMooDB for his amazing bio on Shantae! He has written plenty of other awesome bios, VS match ups,and more, so why not do yourself a favor and go check him out? You won't regret it. ;)

Full Battle Coming Soon!

One Punch Man VS Captain Falcon!
I know what you're thinking... You're probably thinking that this match up is a stomp... But is it a stomp for Saitama, or Captain Falcon?...
If you ask me, I think this is actually a pretty interesting match up, and I'm thinking about doing it for my VS series SHOWOFF SHOWDOWN!...
Which of these 2 heroes do you think will Punch their way to victory?...
Traptanium Kaos Sprite!
Okay I know this looks a little messy, but it's pretty much the best I could do to try and turn a picture into a pixelated sprite. I hope you like it anyway. Feel free to use it whenever you wish!




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